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December 4, 2020

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There is no surprise that spending time with your family and indulging in a festive feast is the best part of Christmas but decorating your home is definitely close second.


There is nothing better than gathering with your family come December 1st to set up your Christmas tree and decorate your home with festive décor. We understand how hard it can be not to splurge and go over budget, so we have collated a few tricks for you to keep your bank account happy!

Christmas Tree

Let’s start with the most important thing, CHRISTMAS TREE! We are all painfully aware that putting lights on the Christmas tree is time consuming and frustrating as you continue to get caught and tangled in cords. The great thing with this evolving world is that you can now buy Christmas trees that a pre-lit, yep that’s right I said it… PRE-LIT Christmas trees!

Ornaments on the tree are a must, but ways that you can save is buy purchasing them in bulk. Both Target and Kmart have value starting packs from as little as $30.00. Add just a few individual ornaments and personalise your tree from there.

For that extra bit of luxury, you can go as far as purchasing artificial Christmas flower decorations from or and even purchasing a Christmas tree skirt. Skirts are very cheap and the instantly make your tree feel more festive. The best thing is they’re all reusable and therefore they last for years!


Decorate your table

Whether or not you are hosting Christmas at your house, having a beautifully decorated Christmas table is key. With the likes of Kmart and Target it is so hard to walk past a Christmas dining set starting from as little as $20.00 for a 6-seater dining table.

Layer your dining set on your table, add festive napkins, bon bons and a garland and you are set and ready to go.

When looking for a garland if you have the luxury of having a local TK Max, we recommend this being your first stop and then head to Lincraft as both companies have a beautiful range of centerpiece wreathes.


Festive Wreath

A wreath is the first focal point of your home when visitors come over, so you want to have a showstopping piece. Target and have a large, beautiful range – best thing is you can still get a beautiful wreath for less than $39.95.


Personal Stockings

Stockings are key at Christmas even if you don’t fill them. So why not add a little personalized touch and get initialed stockings for as little as $15.00. This way there will be no fighting on Christmas morning for who owns what stocking.


Outside Decorations and Lighting

DON’T BE THE GRINCH! Embrace the holiday spirit and decorate the front of your home for Christmas. You can go all out and completely deck out the exterior of your home in Christmas lights or do something as little as just adding some “Stop Here Santa” signs at the front of the house.



You will be surprised how much joy you will bring to bystanders by putting in a little effort.

We hope you have enjoyed a few tips on how to save money on decorating your home for Christmas.

From the team at Hunter Homes we wish you a very happy Christmas in your new home!


With love from HH.

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