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September 9, 2020


As we are sure you have figured out building your first home can be very daunting. We want to help! Building your first home is a process that involves many steps and a lot of things to consider. Some of which you may not even think of. In this blog we will shine some light on the things that sometimes slip through the cracks. The things to consider when building your first home.

When you sign with a construction company for your new home, you will receive a contract that lists the inclusions of your package. A lot of the time, there are a lot of things that are not included. Even though you might assume they would be. It is important to check your contract and see what is included and what is not.

  1. Landscaping
    New construction contracts do not always include landscaping. Some land estates offer landscaping packages as part of the contract price. However it is always best to think about what you would like to do with your landscaping. Knowing what you want to do can help you understand pricing. If you need to organise your own landscaping outside of the contract agreement, you need to have the funds available for this.
  2. Fencing
    Like landscaping, new construction contracts do not always include fencing. If it does not include fencing, you will need to organise this externally. To save on costs, you can see if your neighbours are interested in having their properties fenced too. By doing this you can split the cost of the common fence lines. Boundary fencing is important and you should aim to install fences that are going to last for many years. The last thing you want is to be replacing fences in a few years time.
  3. Window Coverings
    Most new builds do not include window coverings which are essential once you have moved in. It is best to start considering your options for window coverings prior to handover. There are many different types of window coverings available and it comes down to personal preference. You can purchase a variety of ready-to-hang curtains, blinds and shades at your local homeware store. Or you can hire someone to come in and install speciality blinds or coverings. Make sure you take measurements of your windows with you to the shops. No one has time to be going back to the shop to return ill fitted curtains.
  4. Window and Door Flyscreen’s
    Believe it or not, window and door flyscreens are not a standard inclusion for many new builds. Find out early on if these are an inclusion in your new build. If they are not included, start your search for someone to install them once you are up to that stage. You also have to decide if you would like standard fly screens or if you would like security screens.
  5. Television Antenna
    The TV antenna is a common item that is overlooked. It is something that many assume will just be installed. Your antenna is pivotal in allowing your TV to receive a digital signal, especially if you have a home theatre! Installing an antenna in a single storey property after handover is simple. But the process is more complicated for double story and split level homes. We recommend you speak with your builder and ask them to include the installation of an antenna in your final contract.
  6. Letterbox
    Wondering why you aren’t receiving mail? It could be because you don’t have a letterbox. While some people believe a letterbox comes standard as part of a new home, many contracts do not actually include them. To make life easier you can even purchase a ready-to-install letterbox off the shelf at your local hardware store. There are hundreds of different designs to choose from. You can choose a colour that matches your new home and install yourself before moving in.
  7. Driveway
    Like many features outside your new home, a driveway is often not included in your final contract unless requested in your planning stages. Depending on the type of finish you are after, this can be a big-ticket item. It is recommended you start thinking about it during your planning stages. You may also need to speak to your local council as some require you to apply for a permit prior to construction. While others require the driveway to be built before the final occupation certificate is issued.
  8. Clothesline
    A necessity for all homes is the handy clothesline. As important as this is for many people, it is not normally included in the contract price. Luckily, you can pick up a clothesline very easily from your local hardware store and install it. There are different options you can buy including the large hoist line. Or you can install a small fold down line that connects to your home.

Building a home is an exciting and sometimes stressful process. Before going ahead and signing your name here, there and everywhere – look at your inclusions. Work out what you need to pay for outside of the build contract and ensure you have the funds to cover it all.

Congratulations on starting to build your new home. And enjoy the journey!

With love from HH.