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January 7, 2022


The all-important Australian kitchen is evolving and beginning to take on a new meaning in modern homes. No longer is it a functional afterthought kept out of sight and devoid of the aesthetic considerations given to other rooms.

For first and second home buyers, kitchens are now a statement and an integral part of the design language of the house. Here at Hunter Homes, we have put together a list of our favourite kitchen materials of 2021 to help you cook with heart, while including some unconventional building materials which are “in” right now!

Feature Wood Touches

While earthy tones and wooden shelves have been making a comeback lately, we think it is time to take it up a notch and allow more earthy brown tones and wooden touches to the typically sleek modern kitchen. Open shelving still has a lot of unexplored potential as more homeowners look to build unconventional kitchens where the utilisation of space is being reimagined.

Rethinking the Benchtop

The benchtop is an essential component of the kitchen, but it is often designed with a view towards functionality rather than aesthetics and interesting materials. In reality, this is where all the prep and cooking action will take place, but it is also the foundation on which the decor of the rest of the kitchen relies. When one surface has the power to set the tone of an entire room, take your time and consider some new ideas for benchtop colours and materials.


Quartz is still the most popular kitchen benchtop material, but as different finishes have become more popular in home design, it’s time for the kitchen to benefit from this new design language.

Since we have been experiencing a design movement using more textured and tactile surfaces, why not consider it for benchtops too. A Honed surface has a matte finish look to it with little or no gloss, giving the kitchen a muted, understated and solid feel when combined with dark colours.

A style which is becoming increasingly popular in newer homes is a leathered finish which has a softer sheen with a less glossy look than a polished slab. This treatment also has the added advantage of a textured feel which really gives it something special in the kitchen. Leathered finishes are popular for their sophisticated look and are forgiving when it comes to fingerprints and water spots, making them perfect for homes with young children (or accident-prone adults!).


Australia’s Trusted Home Builders

Whether you’ve got a rustic kitchen in mind with plenty of timber, stone and earthy tones, or a modern kitchen with matte finish and an ultra-thin benchtop, Hunter Homes has the range of materials and design insight to turn every dream into a reality. We specialise in all types of kitchen designs which will fit perfectly into the aesthetic language of your new dream home.

Our happy customers include young couples looking to buy their first home and make the most of a humble space as well as families looking to get away from the city and create their own home plan with a sprawling kitchen. Whether you are a first, second or third home buyer, we’ve got your back, every step of the way.

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With love from HH.