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How To Tell When You’ve Met The Right Builder

March 14, 2021

Choosing the right builder is one of the biggest investment decisions you’ll make in your life. Here’s the Hunter Homes guide to recognising a local builder with integrity and professionalism and who can ensure the future success of your upcoming project.

Qualified and Registered

Builders should be fully qualified and registered. Registered builders will have a traceable digital footprint, from their ABN to the builder’s registry of your state or territory.

Look for red flags such as past involvement in building disputes, compliance issues, or an insurance claim having been made against them. Look for positives, such as continuing education as part of a builder’s association.

Licensed and Insured

Make sure you and your home builder are covered in the event of something going wrong. A builder should provide you with documentation to show their licensing and insurance if you ask for them.

Experienced and Local

The ideal local builder has been in the business for a long time, and has built up an enviable reputation in the local construction industry. How many construction projects has the home builder been involved in, in the local area, in recent years? Are they busy with a steady stream of customers? Don’t overlook new construction firms, as these are often born from experienced builders.

Reliable and Flexible

Good customer service is key, and you should turn away any builders that seem difficult to work with. Choose a flexible builder who will accommodate your needs, with good communication skills so that there won’t be any stressful or expensive mishaps.

For something as important as your home, trust is critical; choose a reliable builder who sees customer service as part of their job.

Financed to Finish

Financing is an important part of the construction process, don’t overlook it. Cashflow is another risk to manage when building a new home, so make sure to choose a builder with the funds to get to the end.

No Funny Business

Another key risk is that the budget balloons out of control. Construction quotes should be accurate from the start. Any increases from the initial budget should be due to your decisions - such as investing in more quality materials — rather than other costs related to sub-contractors.

Extensive Warranty

A home builder should trust in their work enough to offer you an extensive warranty, with wide coverage over a good number of years.

New South Wales builders offer a minimum of six years’ warranty for major defects and two for minor; look for builders with the confidence to go above and beyond.

Past Testimonials

Any builder will tell you they’re great. Look the gift horse in the mouth, and check their past work for yourself. Read their customer testimonials and reviews to see what sets this builder apart, and browse their online gallery for pictures.

Ideally, you can see their work for yourself, by visiting a display home in person.

Your New Home Builder

Time and time again, Hunter Homes has proven to be the quality local builder Hunter Valley families can trust. Contact us to save yourself risk and stress in building your new home.

With love from HH.