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How to Decorate Your First Home for Christmas

April 14, 2021

It’s your first Christmas in your new home! You’ll want to bring a sense of warmth and comfort into the space and make it feel like a welcoming environment for family and friends. So, learn how to DIY decorate your Hunter Homes property and prepare for the perfect festive season!

Keep Plaster Looking as New

Your plasterwork is still new, treat it with care. Drying out is a months-long process for new plasterwork, so it goes without saying to avoid pins. Don’t ask the plaster to support heavy wall-mounted decorations. Save that for next Christmas instead, as well as furnishings such as bookshelves.

Use Existing Fixtures to Hang

Don’t hang your decorations on your new walls or ceiling. Instead, use your existing fixtures such as lighting and curtain rails. Not to mention, hanging disco balls and baubles from your light fittings will scatter the light across your home, adding to the festive spirit.

Drape Rather Than Hang

Decorations such as garlands can be draped over front doors, doorknobs, windowsills, mantlepieces and bannisters. Not only is this easier to put up and pull down, but it doesn’t leave a trace on your stunning new home. Use garlands and wreaths rather than other decorations that need to be pinned.

Do You Need a Real Tree?

What beats the smell and fresh feel of a real pine tree? A new carpet. If you have delicate carpet, rugs, throws or other new furnishings, it may be worth relying on a plastic tree for this year. Otherwise, you may be picking out December’s pine needles for months to come.

Make Sure the Tree Won’t Fall

Anchor the tree. Don’t let it fall over, ruining your careful decorations and scattering debris all across the floor of your new home. In the worst-case scenario, fallen trees with fairy lights can be a fire risk. Choose a tree with a sturdy base with a large surface area.

Bring Your Staircase to Life

Turn your staircase into a proper entranceway. This could be a key focal point for your home Christmas decorations, creating atmosphere and inviting flow along this transit point.

Think festoons of holiday garlands, elegant low lighting, or even scented candles along each step of the way.

Use Themed Decorations

This is where you can indulge in any ideas you like. How about a Winter Wonderland theme, with snow globes and fake snow? Or Santa Claus for the kids, from Rudolph’s red nose all the way to Dancer and Prancer? Ornaments and figurines can be large or small, and you can even use inflatable displays.

Extend Out to the Garden

Your garden is part of your home, so don’t forget the garden decor. Add some whimsical fake wildlife with gnome or squirrel statues. Of course, the real deal is always better; how about a festive birdbath to help critters through the scorching summers?

Consider Your Neighbours

Christmas is about celebrating together, especially if your neighbourhood is full of new homeowners in a growing Hunter Valley town. Make sure you don’t have any garish Christmas decorations out front, especially if they scatter light across the surrounding properties.

New Home, New Beginnings

By now you should be prepared for a happy holiday and the perfect beginning to life in your new home. Merry Christmas from all the team hear at Hunter Homes!

With love from HH.