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What Makes House And Land Packages Perfect For First-Home Buyers?

February 1, 2021

House and land packages are the ideal choice for young families. They offer a carefully curated mix of features that will perfectly suit your needs. So, what’s involved in a Hunter Homes house and land package and why are they so great for the first-home buyers? Let’s take a look at their features and explore their benefits.

Simplify the Home Buying Process

It takes a huge amount of time to build a home from scratch. You have to wait for your builder to become available, the resource consents to be secured, and the house to be designed and built.

Each step requires your understanding and making decisions throughout the process. It may be months before you can even begin to see your dream home, let alone live in it.

Buying a house and land package offers all the same benefits of a new build, but without any of the hassle, delays and challenges. The process is much more streamlined, as you simply have to choose the location, house and lifestyle lot you want.

Instead of enduring stress every step of the way, choose a house and land package and you’ll have moved in before you know it.

A Clear and Affordable Price Tag

Like any big project, there are always some details that just don’t go to plan. Building a house involves inevitable delays, meaning costs for materials and labour can spiral out of control and over budget.

House and land packages skirt all these issues, as they come with a clear price tag. Despite their grand size and prime location in the booming Hunter Valley region, house and land packages leverage economies of scale. They utilise the most efficient processes for home design, construction and fitting out the interior. By negotiating wholesale rates with their suppliers, developers can offer unrivalled opportunities and exceptional deals for first-home buyers.

Lower Maintenance in New Homes

A new house is yours and no-one else’s - and ready for you to begin a brand new chapter of your life. It also means lower maintenance costs, as houses from reputable developers won’t need repair work for years to come. Even if they do, they are covered by an extensive and long-term builder’s warranty. Between less maintenance and the energy-efficient design of new buildings, there are many cost savings to be found on house and land packages.

Live Among a Like-Minded Community

Whatever criteria you use to choose your house and land package — from meeting the needs of a growing family, to accessing Hunter Valley’s job markets — it’s likely that your neighbours share these same values.

Buying a house and land package means living in a community in a similar stage of life. This means you can live amongst neighbours you can connect to and lean on. In the Hunter Valley, your household, your community, and your region can all grow together.

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