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September 9, 2020


Over the decades there has been over 25 interior design styles created. These have been used in our daily lives. They create an emotional connection, helping create a beautiful and functioning environment. All design styles have been influenced by culture and history. However that hasn’t stopped people from breaking the rules and mixing different styles to create an environment in which helps enable their lifestyle.

Having a design style in your home helps to bring unity in the home. It helps to give you a space that you are comfortable in, that makes you feel happy and gives visitors an insight into you.

Choosing a design style for your home should come down to personal preference. It is your home afterward. Choose a design that speaks to you. That shows a piece of you.

Check out below some of the most common design styles you can choose from;


Modern design is a relatively new style that is full of natural materials, neutral colours and earthy tones. It is a simple design that shows class, style and comfort all in one. Open plan living suits this style well. Having visible greenery, an achromatic colour scheme and using natural colours will help complete this look for you. Natural materials such as wood and stone are very popular with the modern look.

Want to feel like you are on holidays in your own home? The Hamptons design style brings a sense of vacation to your home. This style is bright, breezy and casual. Crisp white walls, timber floorboards, shaker style cabinetry and a neutral colour palette is what makes up the characters of a Hamptons colour pallet.
This style brings light, sunshine and fun into your home.

The term “less is more” is a way to explain this design. The minimalistic design style has a chic vibe to it when it all comes together. Minimalistic designs focus on having simple, decluttered spaces and neutral colours. This design style is perfected with clean lines and open spaces. The colour scheme is simple, whites, greys and sometimes adding a soft wood tone can create the space.
This design is perfect for those who want to create a space that does not need a lot of work to it. Something that will stay popular and not need to be changed often.

Traditional modern design turns back and highlights the 18th and 19th century. The design style is modern with elegant spins from current trends. Adding a touch of dark wood, creams and symmetrical lines will go a long way with creating an amazing traditional home.
The traditional style is a fun one to work with. It gives you a chance to mix both new and old together and be creative.

Urban Chic
Urban Chic has connotations of sophistication, with a lower socioeconomic status. Urban Chic has a range of different characteristics with a mix of old and new décor. A few ways to create this style is by having exposed bricks indoors, using concrete and steel look products.
This is perfect for those who want to recycle different materials and use them in the home. Plus – it means you can go trawling through the thrift shops to find treasures.

Much like Urban Chic, industrial design style is a look of reclaimed industrial space with exposed brick and steel look without the touch of sophistication. When it comes to designing an industrial styled home stick to a neutral colour palette that consists of Grey, Black and White. Raw materials are very popular in this design and give the style an edge.

The industrial look still gives a sense of class and edge to your home.

Choosing the design style for your home may take a bit of time. There are so many different styles to choose from. When choosing your style, think about the space and how it will look completed. Is that a space you would like to spend your time in? Is it a look that will make you happy?
If you are still struggling to work out what style will fit with you and your home, there are ways to help you.

A great way to find a design style that suits you is by taking a quiz online, one of the quiz’s that we love is

With love from HH.