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How To Choose House And Land Packages In Hunter Valley

January 14, 2021

Beginning a search for a new home is one of the most exciting times for a family. It’s all assessing your options and partnering with the land package that’s right for you.

If you’re considering the Hunter Valley region, then you’re about to be introduced to a flourishing collection of communities, giving you the variety, services and amenities you need.

The first step to choosing your Hunter Homes house and land package is choosing the location. Do you prefer thriving regional centres that are hubs for transport and local jobs, or neighbourhoods clustered around leisure amenities? In the Hunter Valley, you can choose your home according to the lifestyle you want.

Let’s explore the factors you need to consider in beginning your search for the perfect new home.

What You’ll Get for Your Budget

So, what can you expect for your budget in the Hunter Valley region? With so many house and land packages in the area, it really pays to do the research.

The key adage of location, location, location always applies, whether you’re house-hunting in the inner suburbs of Newcastle or looking for an estate in the Hunter Valley.

Options exist across a wide range from $400,000 to over $700,000. Though the entire Hunter Valley is a growth region, a price premium applies for the transport and employment hubs — such as Cessnock and Maitland with their close access to jobs in Newcastle, and Singleton as a mining and military base.

The most unique, exciting and eye-catching properties command the highest price tags. They will likely combine elements such as location, lot sizes upwards of 600 m2, multiple bedrooms and bathrooms, and other features such as a swimming pool.

If you’re searching for affordability and real value for money, look out for smaller lot sizes for your house and land package.

Hunting for Capital Gains

Buying a family home is an investment in your future. As a rapidly developing area, you can buy a house and land in the Hunter Valley with a secure expectation of reaping the capital gains rewards. With booming tourism and mining sectors, the infrastructure development of the area will most likely translate to steady capital gains for your property. It’s all about making choices that ensure the safety and security of your family.

Appeal to Renters and Tourists

A truly great home should appeal to everyone. Properties with landscaped gardens and swimming pools have stronger draw among renters in the Hunter Valley.

If you will be tapping into the huge tourism potential of the region, target lucrative short-term rentals with proximity to golf courses, spas and the vineyards of one of Australia’s best wine regions. It’s a unique opportunity that you’re unlikely to find anywhere else.

A Home for All the Family

We all hope for a future where our families can flourish. So, make sure your home is large enough for potential family developments. With an affordable house and land package, you don’t have to compromise when it comes to family homes in the Hunter Valley, from multiple rooms to a large back yard.

Quiet Rural Blocks to Enjoy

With Hunter Valley, you can discover the magic of smaller communities. A house and land package in the countryside gives all the benefits of a quieter lifestyle, while staying close to population centres that offer job opportunities. Many estates also provide for a specific community, if you are looking to live in an eco-village, golfing estate or retirement village.

Contact Developers Directly

With all of these exciting developments, there’s never been a better time to join the community in the Hunter Valley. Why not join the growing number of families who call the Hunter Valley home.

To explore your options, contact Hunter Homes at 1300 739 253 (1300 739 2539), to become the owner of a new dream home.

With love from HH.