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Which Is Best For You, Buying Or Building A New Home In the Hunter Valley

July 1, 2021

Whether you choose to build or buy depends on what you’re looking for. Are you planning to seach for the perfect existing property, or is a new build the right choice for you? To explore your options and consider your circumstances, read this Hunter Homes guide to help you make up your mind.

If You Want the Exact House You Want

Verdict: Build.

It may be difficult to find a perfect home that already exists, so rather than making concessions on your dreams, the solution is just to build it yourself. Even within a strict budget, building from the ground up means free rein to customise your home to your exact lifestyle and aesthetic tastes.

If You Want the Best Value for Money

Verdict: Build.

Not only is building the more initially affordable option, but it may also drive better capital gains in the long-term.

Upon completion, new home builds are often worth more than the cost of building. If it’s value for money and investment returns you’re looking for, building is the way to go.

If You Want Low Maintenance Costs

Verdict: Build (or buy new).

With paint that’s still fresh and plaster that’s still drying, new houses will take some years of ageing before they start to rack up maintenance issues.

In addition, the stronger development laws of today mean new home builds are made to higher standards and with better technology.

Another bonus to building your own home is the builder’s warranty.

Unlike when buying an existing home, new homes come with warranty over to cover maintenance costs for a limited time.

Both building and buying a newly constructed house mean lower maintenance costs. However, with the lower price tag and many customisation options that come with building your own, why buy when you can build?

If You Want Energy-Efficient Design

Verdict: Build (or buy new).

Part of the better building codes we now have include better standards for energy efficiency in new home builds. This includes features such as better insulation, LED lighting and home appliances with higher star ratings.

With the latest technology in energy-efficient building materials and systems, this means lower bills to pay just to heat or cool the house. These are savings that can truly add up over the course of the house’s lifetime, as well as adding to your home’s resale value.

If You Want Your House Right Now

Verdict: Buy.

There’s no time like today. Shopping around for houses and negotiating the best price is a time-consuming process.

Having said that, it doesn’t compare to the months of waiting for a new home build. Not to mention, building your own home requires time input to communicate with the building team at each step of a complicated process.

If you want to own your home by schedule, buy rather than build, and you can move in straight away.

Build or Buy?

Either way, Hunter Homes offers a range of stunners. Talk with our team about buying one of our newly built homes, or build your own exactly as you’ve always wanted it.

With love from HH.