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Building A New House For Top Property Value In Hunter Valley

June 14, 2021

Perhaps you’re considering constructing a property in the Hunter Valley region? It’s not just a home for your family, but a critical investment decision, the consequences of which will follow you to retirement.

So, it pays to look for elements in a new build home that will raise property value when it comes time to sell.

Learn more with the invaluable investment tips from Hunter Homes below.

Location, Location, Location

The Hunter Valley is a major growth area. Beginning with the mining sector and one of Australia’s top wine regions, the townships of the Hunter Valley are expanding fast, meaning a steady list of job openings.

Combined with the lifestyle possibilities of the region, this keeps newcomers coming to the Hunter Valley, looking for job security while getting onto the property ladder and starting a family. What this means for you is a steady demand for established housing.

New Home, New Beginnings

Often, the house isn’t the only thing that’s new. If your new house is on a freshly built development estate, local amenities such as parks, sports grounds and schools may be brand new as well.

Given how quickly the communities here are growing, you can expect new government investment in infrastructure such as transport, leisure, childcare and more.

All of this works to raise not only your quality of life, but your property value as well.

Outdoors to Enjoy and Build Up

Outdoor areas have a variety of reasons to appeal, if you come to selling your home.

Parents are willing to pay a premium for a backyard where their children can catch some sunlight and pass a ball around. Backyards also give the versatility to start a home garden, add a pet to the family, and invite guests over for barbeques and parties. This wide-ranging appeal means larger land lots offer a reliable return on investment.

Outdoor areas also give space to build and more directly add to the property value. If this is your first foray into the property market and you’re looking for capital gains, think of adding a patio, deck, swimming pool or even a home extension.

Invest in an Energy-Efficient Home

Homebuyers are becoming increasingly savvy about the energy savings to be had from an energy-efficient home, and these can have higher resale value.

An investment into home design and features that reduce the energy bills can drive returns when it comes time to sell the house.

Look for homes with efficient heating and cooling systems, awnings to shade the windows, white or pale roofs to reflect sunlight, LED lighting and energy star appliances, solar hot water, and even solar batteries so the household can generate and store their own energy.

Windows especially are notorious as the weakest link in the chain when it comes to home insulation. Avoid homes with glass walls that face the sun - the air conditioner bills will be through the roof.

Invest in Hunter Valley Properties

Properties in the Hunter Valley have been gaining steadily in value for many years, and as a fast-growing region, that isn’t going away anytime soon.

Come talk with our team about what a Hunter Homes property could mean for your financial security. We’re a friendly group of industry experts who can help you create the perfect property.

With love from HH.