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Building A New Home For Hunter Valley Families, Now And In The Future

May 14, 2021

Where in the world could possibly rival the Hunter Valley as a place to raise a young family? If you and your family are planning to make the move to this exciting community, then see what Hunter Homes recommends you should look out for in a new home.

Not Too Large, Not Too Small

Choosing the right house size is important. Too large, and it can feel impersonal and excessive. Plus you’ll be paying too much in unnecessary upkeep costs. However, too small and your family will feel like it’s bursting at the seams.

Keep in mind children may need more space than you think. The ideal number of bedrooms would be one for each child, as well as the master bedroom plus a spare guest room or office studio.

Parents with a newborn may want to keep the nursery close to their own bedroom. While a single bathroom is more than enough for most families, if you are juggling a number of children, at least one spare toilet could be a key asset.

A Central Gathering Point

Any enjoyable home needs a focal point where your family can gather - a centrepiece with comfy couches and plenty of entertainment options.

Otherwise, consider an open-plan floor layout that cuts back on walls and corners, as well as plenty of outdoor space to run around in. This gives a spacious feel, as often a young family can make a house feel smaller than it is.

Practical Kitchen and Laundries

A successful family home is a space that runs functionally and efficiently. So, it’s critical to have practically designed work areas, such as the kitchen and laundry, which will help rather than hinder in maintaining the livability of the home.

An open, spacious kitchen will feel less cramped and stressed when multiple people are cooking or cleaning up. Make sure the sink, stove and fridge are spaced out for easy access. There should be enough storage space for all the utensils that will be needed, with knives, lighters and other dangerous tools kept out of children’s reach.

The laundry also needs to be convenient enough to operate, with all the loads of bedsheets and school uniforms coming its way.

Have Enough Storage Space

Imagine how clutter a single person can make in their home, and now multiply that for a small family.

Your new home will need well-organised storage spaces to keep tidy. Ideally, the storage spaces are designated for specific purposes, and scattered at convenient points throughout the house.

Study the floor plan to make sure the storage is tucked into clever nooks without wasting valuable floor space.

Live Near Other Parents and Schools

The rapidly growing new communities of the Hunter Valley often attract other young families at a similar point in life.

For the best of contemporary living in Australia, in close proximity to quality schools, look no further than what’s on offer in the Hunter Valley. All of the above factors, plus many more, have been incorporated into these contemporary family homes. They’re the perfect choice for you and your family!

With love from HH.