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Timber VS Steel Frames

October 12, 2021


Timber frames are extremely popular in Australia as they have lots of advantages in the residential construction industry.

Simply put, timber frames are the backbone in your house and more than 80% of homes have timber frames over steel frames. As of late steel frames have been becoming more and more popular and while there are many advantages to having a steel frame, we like using timber frames for the durability and flexibility of what the material can achieve.

One of the most common questions we get asked is do we build with steel frames? … The answer is no and let us explain why:

1. Timber frames have been tested and stand the test of time!

Decades of experience have ensured timber frames are reliable and cost effective. With installing timber frames, you can be assured this is a proven building material.

2. They are easy to adjust and renovate

As we are all aware there is so much to think about building a new home and sometimes things are forgotten or when a family outgrows their home and more space is needed, the best thing about timber frames is that they can easily be drilled or cut unlike other materials. Whether its removing existing framing, adding more timber framing or both it is simple and easy to work with!

3. Timber Framing is Durable and Quiet 

As timber doesn’t expand and contract during temperature changes there is a less likely chance of noise.

4. Timber Framing is Termite Treated 

Timber framing is made from wood safely treated to resist termites, so while it is still very important to install termite barrier systems the timber is already treated and protected.

5. They are fast to install 

Timber frames are an efficient building product which make it easy to assemble all the joints, connections, tiedowns and bracing. Meaning we are one step closer to having you in your dream home quicker.

Like most things in life, timber and steel frames have both advantages and disadvantages, however at the end of the day the most important thing to remember is that both materials are quality foundations to construct a home. The team at Hunter Homes have tried and tested timber frames and we love that they have stood the test of time.


If you are in the process of finding the right builder to help you create your dream family home, or would even just like some more information on timber vs steel frames, get in touch with one of our New Home Advisors today!


With love from HH.